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  • I've never been one to judge, 
    But it's come time for your reckoning. 
    Justified injustice of character, 
    Quite subpar. 
  • What is it like to not be judged in a world where being yourself is just not enough? What is it like to be yourself and get a hug without being judged and getting mugged by someone who barely even knows you but they’re scared of what they think they know but don’t know anything about so they lash out on you and lose control, funny right? But I guess that’s how life goes people get mad about things they can’t control. How does it feel to be loved by someone who sees all your imperfections as a high and can see themselves with you for the rest of your life?
  • My darling soul,

    Let's brave these deserts

    As they are pure and authentic!

  • I yearn for death in the small of my back,

    Every crack in my bones ache for the pain. 

    I crave the feeling of a blade vertically down my wrist 

    The slipping of consciousness.

  • The rich are bored with their money,
    Yet the poor are still starving.
    Hookers and strippers sell themselves to support a family,
    And congress laughs and spends money on pointless things.
  • Overwhelmed. 
    These are a few of the words I use to describe myself. 
  • Through the fields of the corn
    The low lands and the prairies
    The paths that lead to towns
    The pastures that yield our berries
    Sounds a ringing horn
    Saying something mary
  • What is a man's worth..?
    Is it how much money he makes in a day?
    Is it how famous he is on this Earth?
    Maybe it's how heavy his cars weigh..?