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As the day unfolds
Traces of what we did remains
But that is all
At times you try too hard
To recall why you did what you did
And it all never comes back
at all
And so it seems
Then the voices that claim you
Engulf you like wicked waves
That claw you inwards
Into this dark, dark place
You never have control over anything
And you kick yourself for not ever saying "NO!"
Does this ever get you thinking?
Have you ever wondered how much time you could have saved if you did say "NO" to shit you never ever believed in?
I have
And to think that those shitty days replay themselves over and over and over again...
Sucks, doesn't it
Grow up!
I hear the f-ers say
So they have no idea
What it takes to get real
One HAS to get real
For this world to BE a better place
some day
When more people rather than two-faced freaks rule this blessed earth get to have some say
This world can be a place worthy to live in
Trust me
I still believe in the good, old fashion stuff
Like tea and cakes with loved ones by a firewell place
Or even a camp over in an open field in the middle of somewhere
I do
When Time
Gets his justice served on a silver platter
Where cups clink together for harmony sakes
I want to feel
And think
To figure for myself
What a wonderful place this world truly is

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