I look in the mirror

The reflection looking back

At me seems to be wrong

Where has the years gone

When did these lines appear

In my mind the face I

See is the real me

In my reality I’m still 21

Looking back at the mirror

Them years have long gone

In my head I can hear

The clock ticking

Slight flecks of grey

Do I accept it or

Kid my self and pull them out

Do I fight the inevitable

Or go down graceful

When your young you feel invincible

You look at your parents

And think that will never be you

When you think back

 To when you was young

The things you saw

The things you did

People you met  

During the course of your life

It feel like a dream


Was that really me that did those things

Its like remembering a film once seen

But it was your reality at that time

Time is the master

Makes  me humble

The years have taught me

Many of lives lessons

Age is just a new chapter

A new episode of a film

To be enjoyed to its fullest

Still young at heart

I touch the  lines  and smile

These signifies

 The chapters of my life

And the wisdom I have gained