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(Converted from cry down)


Cry your eyes down America  

Cry down your shameful eyes

Honor drowns in our silence

From too many political lies

Cry; cry down your quiet eyes

To this snake that learned to fly


Hang that head down

Slip the knot around

Slip the knot forward

Hear the crowd’s whisper

As her feet dangle down

We, a country without a sound

America, hang your head down


A country gasping for words

Echoing our fathers past

Hover over the hanging crowd

Can’t you hear the shouting’s pass?

Just one voice in our America

To lead a chorus to change the mass

Won’t you stand up?

Stand up don’t let this time pass!


Cry your eyes down America 

Cry down your cut down eyes

A deafening dying all around

Free tears quietly fall without a sound

Camouflaged from the crowd of America

Liberty’s eyes are turning down 

In a political reason without treason

Walls will fall as we cry down

Gather one and all into the halls of America