If life were a dream
I'd Go back to a time 
A time when I was young
So careless and free
When all that seemed to matter
Only mattered to me
Young and dumb
I had dreams of being loved
Praying that God would send me 
Send me someone from above 
Joy, happiness, grief, despair
I had no clue one person could take me there
Now the pressure's real and
It's getting really tough
The boys still Remember 
But I question if it's enough
I don't want them to suffer
They've suffered enough
From everything I gather
Lord, you think I'm pretty tough
But if You really know me Lord
Then you know I gotta be upfront 
The pain, the loneliness, the tears
Why must I suffer for all of these years
Your mercy, Your grace, is my safe place
My faith has given me a resting place
To lay my fears, worries, and wants
I trust You have given this plenty of thought
To bless my boys with such a special dad
Surely you wouldn't have taken him 
If you didn't have a much bigger plan