My name is Falon and I am a lover

Love is my addiction

I guess because I've habituated to his soul

And his mind has become my anti-affliction

I roll joints filled with his cognitive processes

And smoke them until I touch the sky

After I've filled myself with his mental Mary Jane

I exhale as time passes us by

I get so high off of his love

I can feel my veins intertwine with my genes

As he injects them and infects them

With his love drops filled of dopamine

Mentally and physically

I am addicted to his love spiritually

I am addicted to his kisses naturally

I am addicted to his touches verbally

He's a permanent drug

He makes me permanently addicted

Unlike those other drugs

I don't think I can kick it

I need him like the air I breathe

Like the food I eat

Like the sand need the sea

Like the bird need the bee

I need you

My sweet, sweet addiction

I need you

My anti-affliction