You want me to feel it more
You want me to put more into you
But as you can see I’m reluctant
Afraid of what you might do
Or to have my feelings misconstrued
Or to be used and abused

You want me to give more
You want me to just be free
I’ve allowed me to be free so much
That now freedom has become a caged memory
That’s tucked away in my history
Way back in love when I was a hippie

I know I shouldn’t let the past dictate
Who I allow to come in on the inside
But it’s the past that has forced me
To find a place to hide on the outside
I run, even when I feel a vibe
Searching for the truth but not looking in my mind

I know that I am complicated
I know that I shouldn’t feel my way to the light
But that’s all I know how to do
Because along the way I lost my sight
And I am trying to get this love thing right
But there’s just no correct way to fight

Being in love has become not being able to hear
Being in love has become being in the dark
It makes me feel helpless like a child
Who has been trapped after sunset in the park
But I’m trying to find my way amongst the sharks
And I’m trying to navigate amongst the black hearts

I so desperately want love to make me over