It was on the morning of glory that I found you, bound by two brutes holding your wrists down against the dirty dirt.  They meant to take from you your beauty through your innocents, but your eyes caught mine and mine spun into a raging fire. Swiftly my heart begged me to move against those who touch the single warmth of your innocent skin, so I thrust my sword across their necks and watched gladly their useless heads find the ground next to you.


           As if the heaven itself was rising, you stood up and gazed upon me lengthening your arm, so as your milky hand could warm my face, and oh how my eyes grazed upon your beauty, finding stirring warmth like dust devils in the heart of the desert. I knew you must be a princess, not of country but of all man. All which must become beggars upon your feet.  Truly God has shaped your soul your heart and delicious body in request that the rest of us imperfects, would know what God intended for us to be, or what we could become.


           Darkening wine began filling our eyes, and immediately I felt drunk with love, gratitude you praised upon me for saving your life, but I explained my realization of an entire lifetime of soulful destitution had always overwhelmed me until this moment and you, your time alone would be payment enough. The gentleness that persuaded your finger tips to softly touch my thirsty lips, and bring the scent of you nearer almost crumbled me down next to the useless heads.  But your arm swiftly moved under mine steadying me, and at that moment close to your caramelized eyes, I made my final fall into love. My mind on its own began the following fertile thoughts,


          Finally loves light is falling in, leaving no room for that lonely dark, and suddenly were more than friends, both our hearts have been marked. Lifting from air into a steamy wind your trembling quivers of lower lip, for I mean to drink you all in and not just a little sip, in a love gone mad all over you a single heart becoming two, tenetive fingers begin to explore in deep breaths that can hold no more, invisible borders we begin to enjoy, eyes locked into each others place, within deep we find a precious grace. So this is how loves dance begins? Stirred from deep below the skin, threw the eyes and down into the soul, we were made to fill and make each other whole.


            Then you leaned against me for our first kiss, cradling a stubble jaw.  In slow motion as your lips began to part, I saw the reflection of my own true heart. Here death may come find me, for surely I’ve lost all warrior sanity.  I love you, and there is no other place left to go. Here closely snuggled up against your warming soul both of us begin our fall into the sky of love.  Let pray that till death do us part, we never stop this amazing start, and pray the skies are big enough to hold both our hearts.