Little Sister honey, 
My sweet, hurting Sis,
Let me pick you up,
Let me heal you with a kiss,

Mi Hermana baby,
I hate to see you cry,
Come rest your head on my shoulder,
Until your eyes are dry,
If you need an ear to listen,
A hug to comfort you,
I will be here Little Sister,
Why??? Because I'm true,
If you fall sick or injured,
If your heart breaks into pieces,
I'll be here to help you dear,
Sisters, mothers, nieces,
We can laugh and cry,
And cook good food together,
We can sew and knit and stitch,
And make some dried fruit leather,
When you need some guts,
To say NO! to the devil,
I will be here Sis,
On any given level,
And to our sisters' gone before us,
Thank you for your strength,
To have survived our curse of broken heartache,
Our exile's at full length,
Now we'll see the truth in ourselves,
We'll learn to cure our darkened sadness,
And with the help of one another,
We'll beat the evil madness,
I love you Sis,
Here, there and before,
In the future in heavens realm,
My Sis, it's you that I adore,
Love you lots,
Take care of you,
I'll see you in a bit,
Follow Jesus,
He'll lead the way,
To where we all will fit.
Teresa Truth
Thank You B-Miss You