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The hallway is dim and dark.
I see nothing
The piercing rays of the sun
bore through the fabric
I hide
Beneathe it
sobbing away
I dare not step out to face the fights
Is it my fault again?
I wonder

These images seep through like water from a broken pipe
Drowning my spirit
Bringing me under
Instead I tuck
Beneathe and under;
The bed so soft
Lulling me sweetly
Till tender night calls
I have little control of what falls in
When the pipe within
Is constricted
No tears can come
Without the strain
My nose protests
Till breathing becomes difficult
I know as much that pain is
Replaced by emptiness,
a numbness

These scenes replay
The blame
My pain
Hurts and screams

The hall is dim and stark
Emptiness prevails
If I should
I would
No cries can come through
Ever this day

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