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Do you need some help with that?

I’m a baggage carrier so I can carry that load for you.

No no it’s alright I have a cart I pull behind me

And it is already full of stuff anyways.

You see that old box there.
That is the one people tried to cram and fit me into for years.
Eventually I broke out of it but they left the torn cardboard behind.

I figured I might as well pick it up and bring with me.

That big brown case was sent by my parents

It weighed down with broken dreams and expectations.

Whew, and it is really heavy to carry!

I had to let go of my aspirations just to pick it up.

The small blue bag is from my first love

And houses stolen kisses, lost promises, and a piece of my heart.

That is kind of the same story for the little red, yellow, and black bags too.
I had a book sack filled with insecurity and jealousy

But I was able to give that to my children to carry.

Then that brought me that huge purse of guilt but it came already attached

To this great rolling cart of apathy.

So I just loaded up all my junk on it.

Even had room for my satchel of self pity and anger.

So this really frees me up to shoulder your burden on my right

While offering my left for you to cry on.

Sometimes my back hurts and my arms ache.
I feel so very tired and wish I could just rest

But then I would have to lay all this down.
I would really have to leave it behind.

No, no I don’t know how to live in the emptiness of freedom.
My luggage brings me comfort in its own odd way.

Don’t need my help cause you plan on carrying your own load.

Suit yourself and I wish you luck.
I will see if someone else needs me

Or wants to barter a wallet of self-indulgence

For a box of self-loathing.

You see I’m a carrier.

I drag this cart behind me.
But there is still plenty of room on it

If I want to add some baggage

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this is totally my thing. dry sense of morbid humour. i really liked this poem. clever

Soi-Disant, The Blue Roof

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Thank you.

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I forgot how much I loved this poem I can't believe I didn't comment on it before now... Thx

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