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I woke up this morning
With a song in my head
A song unsung
A song so straight
Never had I given it thought
For it just played and played

This day unsung
Much like a song
Makes me want to
Take it up
With true spirit and with grit
To play it as it should be played
I like it, this song, my day is great!

Yesterday's song
Was beautiful indeed
For I had a partner who sang
it neat
We sashayed to its rhythm and beat
Timed to perfection
A tune that swooned

I often wonder
The many tunes that went unheard
Drained of its essence
Lost in beat
Lost in rhythm
I once was
But such times no more
Such a furore!

I was a dunce
And disturbed
No control
But this song
Unending and prolonged
Keeps on playing...

I know somewhat
That I belong
To this all,
This very old song
Will go on
So long as I
Do not succumb to its
Broken chords
And cry be-gone