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Sometimes it seems
That the day starts well
When all is planned
And pain repelled
Then it visits right through me
Am all sane but craned
In position with no seams
Until it dawns again;
I am the same
Plain and yet, not simple
There is a crinkle here and there
I seem to be in a state of constant repair
Morning comes
And evenings float
When, oh WHEN?
Will I ever let go
I truly don't know

I am calm
Yes, I am
But the dam
Is always in need of clams
I so miss them,
yes I do
Hope heaven's ready for you two
I don't pray enough, you know?
But essence I do though
Father's watching, watching
Watching for me to grow
Much is ignited but in amber show
That this day is all I know
Till it's time
I cannot glow
To show that I really
Really do know