I keep anticipating that moment
outside time
when my body releases yours
after it has held you so tight
and you become your own

but how can I anticipate
a bright star coming into existence
across a galaxy

how do I anticipate
seeing you
an oh-so-familiar strange
part me
part the love of my life
part stardust
and fully you

and I’ll finally wake up
knowing fully well
that despite these fantastic
and extraordinary experiences

(backwards roads
upward waterfalls
circular emotion
upside-down love
infinite beauty)

they are faintly drawn lines
memories of someone else’s existence
when I think of participating
in giving life to you

and I’ll show you the light shining through the trees
and you’ll show me the endless skies you traveled from
we’ll be each other’s guides
across seas
beyond lands and galaxies

and I’ll teach you how to put words to these feelings
and you’ll remind me what it’s like to see the face of God

you’ll grow
and I’ll try my best to slow down time
and suddenly the universe will seem so small and wonderful
as the world explodes with love