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Somewhere long ago in Africa,

a word was spoken.

The first thread was set on the loom

of history. The glorious, varied tapestry,

weaving our universal Mandela over

the last two hundred thousand years

emerged in it's multicolored -

multicultural pattern.


The synapses of humanity's collective

mind crackled alive around the flames

of campfire stories. Brags about tactics

of the hunt, how to plant by the stars,

praise for the gods - ascended with the smoke,

heavenward - spreading, firing electrical

impulses through the world brain-

connecting us all.


The rhythmic, mesmerizing chants and drums

of the clan echo across the ages, altering

our consciousness beyond the physical realm.

Imparting the collected knowledge of sages,

mystics and craftsmen to us. The realization

of this gift of words set us on the path to the

most important and shortest sentence of all.

I am.  

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