To Wake Her or Run

Now this we have all pondered

After a good night’s drunk

Was she the 3 am last resort

Or was she the catch your friends will envy?

This is the moment in time where we all contemplate

Should I chance it or grab my cloths and run?

This is never an easy decision to make.

There she lies, ass up

What a beautiful rump it is

All tan and juicy, all I want is to bite

The beauty of the entire instance

What if she wakes and finds you are the 3 am resort?

No man fears such a situation

His friends will still see, will still know

I nailed the fine ass ho!!

The decision has been made,

I am going to crawl back in bed,

Gently rub her leg, hoping to part

split the opening we all want

Here I go, no turning back now

Damn her skin is soft.

I am already hard and she still sleeps

Wait, now she wakes

She is moaning and moving her hips

While she turns towards me,

All I can do is pray,

Damn she has the mouth of a goat,

Forget it. I have done it once and this is East Tennessee,

When I finish, I will excuse myself to the bath,

And then I will run

Having my cloths or shoes will not matter

If I get out without her knowing my name

Chalk it up to success

Goodbye all!!!