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The luau begins, drums pounding on the heart,

She appears with the Gods! In coconuts and grass,


Steals white of glorious light

In vivacious ivory untied,


Labyrinth of great expectations

Anticipation lights the fire night,


Wishing wells of islands overflow

Luau lass writhes for the show,


Bird of paradise made of soft Chantilly

Her warmth rises with a young man’s Willy


Bora Bora deep down brown eyes

Arrive with every sun and shore,


Her smile seeks the nude sun bathing

In a jungle dance forevermore,


 Oh you in reverent glorious night

Silhouette fills the heavy light,


As want becomes a crimson cinder

Long and slim tan and tender,


Her lips whispers songs of Odin

Hips quake shaking back the ocean,


In a night where hearts have all been stolen

Her waves play and toy,


With legs and breast that stop the wars

Her hand dance suggest even more,


A man’s face says what he cannot hide

Unfair to every other woman alive,


Bora beauty with hips of thunder

He succumbs to your love of wonder,


As fire reaches for the island sky

It becomes too hot for pig and I


Luau lights fall onto ground, the heart of men pump and pound, drums no longer sound,

Sundown burns the oceans skin, Bora Bora brown her seas and memories never end.