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She floats the frozen pristine in lollipop blue, underlie crystal cliffs cover in crystalline dew, motion her lotion for sluing cycles of transparent dirt, undertow world the only clue to her true indigenous blue and forthcoming color of hurt.


She is seen in aphelion sails that prevail along the southern tip. Undertones of carbonate, ease and seep in fresh water cuts of salted riffs.  Breath of saline turns ice to white cream as she frees herself in continental drift, artistically carved lines from the spine of god in awe she births lazy shelves, where seals and sea lions lie all about talking to themselves.  Moving tranquil smooth away from her milky southern breast, from here on out she’s on her own until she greets the warmth of death.

 Partaken in forgotten islands along December ribbon swirl, melting hearts of seas then ascending as a white island girl. Her thirst for clarity is sealed in her rarity, her turquoise the world’s most beautiful pearl. She’s stolen the float of clouds from mirror ice harbor sound, away from its dirty ground she dares life not to despair, nor regret the journey nor regret her fare.  Summer sun burns the day and burns away her outer waves stealing her Viking breath. She is reincarnated rain, a glaciers first name, a matriarch of cool cruising with dolphin schools, she’s out doing her very best.   

Lonely fog caresses her sunset skin while sea dogs bark at sunrise sparks and riding her top as friends, her dew of grandeur clings to glory gathering seas lonely mist, the wind she shivers and sings her name of a destiny that she will surely miss.  The light behind her blue proves that god always knew pain left it’s stain, wondering am I an Axiom or just the color of melting rain, as I die will I reflect the murderess sky above my tow, will I share another week, will the sunset kneel and let me go?    Will the seasoning change my craving for that sweet artic brine, will marriage of salt and frozen sea complete my life for creatures deep, or am I just an ocean welt made to float and made to melt, she takes her last frozen breath of death, then begins her final dive.

But I in rare solitude will miss her in every single latitude, I shall never look upon Crystal Mountains without her beauty in my eyes, nor shall I ever forgive salvation for that evening of her warm demise. A shiny blue palomino in an angry thunderstorm, reflecting each of our love and so lucky to be aboard.  We rode upon her saddle a thousand miles while saving three, my eyes watched as death came gurgling and thrashing in an unforgiving sea, I know why blue tears cry and fill the eyes with salty sea, that I may hold her to my heart in a very special symphony.  I could not save you as you had saved me until the very end, but tonight my little blue freezer friend we will celebrate your lonely end, with an ice cold lollipop blue daiquiri, so raise your glass!

 “Here’s to my berg or a small chunk of her, to a sweetheart who saved us three, and to her world I thought was cold but found that it was only me.