If only you could understand

 That life is bigger than you

If only you could see

 That death will come no matter what

Trapped inside ego

 Constantly battling for control

Never surrendering

 Repulsing even your own soul

Determined to be lost

 Not wanting to be found

Taking all of everything for granted,

 Screaming without sound,

Making life an impossible mission,

 A struggle so one-sided,

Fighting demons inside of yourself,

 With no-one to confide in,

All things cause pain,

 There is nothing that doesn't,

Happiness is worst of all,

 It makes you wish it wasn't,

Allowed to affect you,

 To touch you,

Make you human,

 Keep you real,

But that's not up to you,

 It's not your choice to make,

If you can't give a shit,

 At least it won't be fake,

Nonsense and drama,

 Wanting to die,

Death is elusive though,

 Enough to make you cry,

You are not the only one,

 And you are not alone,

But until you stop being blind,

 You cannot be shown.