Days so long nights the same
As I sit and ponder the what ifs of life.

Overwhelming emotions run through me
the tears begin to flow rapidly down my face.

How differently my achievements my mistakes my world would have been
If you where here to guide me through.

Appearance happy and free, but the truth hidden in the dark,
Waiting to burst from inside, feeling of resentment, anger, and guilt.

I should not have let you drift from me so,
Not have laughed at you, ignored you, took advantage of the time.

For now the time is gone, and so are you,
I'm left here alone to dwell on what could have been.

A sister of true love feelings I did feel towards you,
A sister of true love expressed actions towards you I was not.

I'm sorry dear angel, I should of been better,
For now you are not here to share my joys, my laughter, my thoughts.

I shall let these feelings run silent,
Until we meet again.