When I was a kid I found refuge in a tree
I wondered if the world was as confused as me.

Watching the birds sailing and ruling the air
Wishing I could soar through the sky with no care.

Then the sun would set and the moon would fight
To own the sky and drown me in moonlight.

I looked into the dark and saw hope, just a glimmer,
Bathed under the stars and their silvery shimmer.

I noticed one little star trying to rule the abyss,
So I claimed it as mine and made my first heartfelt wish.

I wished for happiness to appear at my door,
And I wished and wished until I could wish no more.

My little salvation in the dark of the night,
Was the only thing listening to my genuine plight.

When I wished on that star, my ain true love,
I could never anticipate the magic bubbling above.

The star found my happiness and twinkled on you Tom,
But I had no idea I would have to wait for so long.

I wished for green eyes and a smile that made me warm,
a heart who appreciated the sunset and the birth of a new dawn.

Then without us knowing, the star kept its promise,
You walked into my life the gorgeous Mr Thomas.

It was an unconventional meeting, but amazing at that,
Typing away for hours on my chair I was sat.

We learnt so much, in such a small space of time,
But I knew from the start that you would always be mine.

Call it intuition or fate, but I knew you could come,
When you made my heart beat like crazy, when I thought it was numb.

I knew who you were, I wished for you that night,
When the moon took over and was shining so bright.

You were the green eyed wish, with the smile so warm,
A wish that I cast and from a star you were born.

No idea of the love that you would ultimately give,
and how you would change my opinion on the life that we live.

We had no idea of the connection and how similar we would be,
and how simple love is to feel and how amazing it is to see.

We were meant for each other with stars in our eyes,
Linked closer than ever we tighten our ties.

We are closer in love than the star could foresee,
We soar higher and higher and our hearts are the key.

That starry night I sat alone in my tree,
I wished for you my love and you came for me.