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I remember my grandfather

sitting at the kitchen table

when I last visited.

Still smelling of that same cologne

the one in the blue bottle

that he has worn since before I was born.

He was reading the paper

which is odd in of itself

because no one reads the paper anymore.

And I was there with a glass of lemonade 

and store-bought cookies

he had dumped on a plate.

He was the new type of bachelor

elderly, retired, and set in his ways.

He started to make conversation.

"You believe what passes for news?"

I shook my head in agreement.

"None of it new, nope, none.

You can wrap it up in fancy terms. Neocon. Liberal.

They're all politicians. They're all liars.

It's like asking which you would rather take a bite out of you:

A lion or a tiger?

People need to go back to being more self reliant."

I smiled and took a sip.

"Let me get you some more."

And he got up from the chair

walking slowly to the fridge

to get the pitcher out.

I told him not to worry about it

but he was already at the glass

filling it back up.

He sat the pitcher on the table

grabbed a cookie 

and went back to the paper.

I sat quietly with my glass

grabbed a cookie

and went back to the calm.


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This is lovely It definitely makes me think of my own Grandfather and the moments that will be cherished forever...

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Great poem! Its prose in poem form but more than that it paints a relatable picture, the first goal of a writer/poet.

Joshua Hennen
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Thank you both.

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