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Corn shucks chip away at the dirt of her half torn planked floor

The ice box sits on the dirt of her food stock that is alive no more

Her words drink of fields in small dry syllables for the poor

With corn cracked flesh fingers lingering over thoughts strummed to long

In the wryness of her day as her life pulls away singing old farmer songs

Here, dirt is the only true earth and the king cause for dying

Along the edges of sun and under her tongue life has become so trying

Neither clock nor cock nor hands may graze in shade under a corn colored sun

Funds are funny jokes told to poor neighbor folk, and among old drinking ones

She rakes contentment into silent piles as smiles splinter against old wooden handles

City dweller and oil rig welders point jokingly at old shoes she turned into new sandals

Time has cracked the back in a curve to match an old snath, left in the rusty sun to brown

Life for her is tilling and can only be fulfilling, for the love she’ll soon find underground

And so comes that Garden of Eden, God grades a soul on her grace of living and giving

High she now sits next door to a neighbor known as the king of forever living

A simple carpenter building her farm house with a tilled garden in heavens sun 

Where her colorful grown soul food and spirit will feed the hearts of everyone


Le miracle de l’arc-en-ciel


            In 1963, a woman alone with her wheelbarrow was found upset in a corn field in Iowa. Both were surrounded by over one hundred tons of freshly fallen corn, yet no farm equipment ever existed on the small five acre parcel, and with no way to explain how that much corn could have been harvested off such a small piece of land, this incident became known as “The rainbow miracle” Witnesses to the event said that a beautiful rainbow was overhead and seemed as if it just broke in half and fell from the sky settling on her and her field; it had an array of extraordinarily heavy thick colors that seemed to heavy for the sky to hold. The event included a small pure white ribbon like rainbow ring.        Witnesses said the ring of white appeared to be cleansing the dirty swollen cracked hands of the little old farm lady. Sometimes the fulfillment of faith is grace.