Though are souls are divine
And our path to God winds
Around opposite ends
Our hearts and blood are one
Unite and shake in the same fear
And choke on the same snot
From the same wound
As siblings of our mother's disease

Remembering our Angel-kissed bruises
Prayers to the Gods that kept us alive
And temporarily insane
And numb in fear
We drifted…to make the pain
Go away

Fear still lingers in the cosmos
Of our being
The Gods are no longer listening
And the Angels are no longer kissing

Nightmares of pain and anger
And ancient fear
Taunt from the corner of reality
Come haunting and possessing
Our insanity obsessing

This life
Our lives are intertwined
So tight as to never let go
Each alone of us is half
Together we are the full story

We are not alone.  We are not insane.

- Lisa Olivas