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Recent Interview with Brooke Luby

by John Winn

Staff Writer

Hennen's Observer

As writers go Brooke Gale Luby is a triple threat. In addition to publishing works of poetry the photographer and non-fiction author fights poverty ignorance and disease in her spare time as a social worker in her Texas hometown.  When she isn't busy being a superhero she blogs at

brookegale.com. Oh, did we mention she's a jet-setter too?  What can't she do?

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New Orleans Voodoo: Continuing to Capture American Imaginations

by Joshua Hennen

NEW ORLEANS Louisiana—Voodoo. The word conjures images of little dolls stuck with pins and magic potions. Being a genuine form of belief by many it has also become embedded in the American popular culture. But what is the truth behind this distinctly American religion as it stands today? To answer this and other questions I decided to go to the “Crescent City” of New Orleans, the center of Voodoo culture, to investigate this topic firsthand. But first, some background information may be helpful.

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Hippy Redux in the Mountains of New York

by Brandon Hennen

Sherman New York—It was10:00 pm Friday night. A rolling wave of thick fog unfurled before me as I walked the gravel pathway leading into the woods. As in a dream everything seemed slightly askew. A barrage of music noise and the general mayhem of the people from the stages in the field below only excited this feeling. One of my friends jabbed me in the arm with his elbow and said, “There’s your inspiration,” pointing to the eerie mouth of the woods and all the people pouring out of it. As we headed to the campsite and into the chaos of glow stick waving hippies and dealers standing by the side of the path offering reasonably priced “trips” in the form of tabs, cookies, brownies, chocolates, and more. I knew this would be an experience that would not soon be forgotten. It was The Great Blue Heron Music Festival, and I had arrived.

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"Furries" Descend upon Pittsburgh, PA

by Brandon Hennen

 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - “They’re all over the place and they’ve all been pretty friendly ” said the woman at the bar. She spoke to the bartender and anyone else listening about half a dozen patrons. She was referencing the “furries ” as they’ve come to be called. The furries had come to downtown Pittsburgh for the largest gathering of its kind in the world, a convention known as Anthrocon. There actually is no unified definition of what constitutes a furry. Indeed, even the furries themselves cannot agree upon one, as I would soon discover.

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Writer Undergoes Past Life Regression, Lives to Tell the Story

by Joshua Hennen

"First you will experience progressive relaxation " the past life regression therapist explained to our small group. Her tone was calming as she described what our bodily responses would likely be to hypnosis. She continued "There will be changes in your breathing it will become more shallow. You may have dryness of mouth and your lips and eyes will have a tendency to quiver." Her maternal instincts and assurances that she would guarantee our safety while in the hypnotic state were most comforting.

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