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These days Mindy just sits there. Listening out for that inner voice. To pick up a fork to savour meals is turning into a daily chore. Time does so little to mend this resident hurt. It never seems to go away. At least she has been able to sleep. Thank God for that. Each wakeful moment only deepens the pain...

It was a beautiful day at work when they met. Mindy could recall that fateful day when their gaze locked. It was that kind of gaze that made her feel all queasy inside. Like all things made in heaven, this was it. Or so it felt like it she thought. Without the needs for words, C just took every living, sensual nerve in Mindy, to a place out of time and space. Mindy had never, ever experienced this adrenalin rush. She felt her cheeks burn. The following days of longing pursued Mindy. Living nights like day, and days on end, lumbering in tiredness. C was the soulmate she had been searching for. For days and months, they spent time together. Nothing needed for exchange. Their identical mannerisms, the music they both sashay to, their deep love for reading; most of all, this sensational scent that was explosively erotic. Mindy was particularly drawn to C's altruistic charm, the way people were cherished.  C made Mindy feel like she had a purpose in life. It was simply magical. Then, like all good things, it came to an abrupt end when C was transferred, an inevitable promotion. It ripped Mindy apart to watch C go. Mindy's insecurity was the hurdle that kept things so cordial.

That was seven long years ago. As fate would have for all lovers separated for a good reason, Mindy chanced upon C on Facebook one lovely morning. They chatted. C was clearly still unto Mindy though nothing was said at the previous parting for obvious reasons. Mindy got a text that evening. A huge lovewave swept through Mindy when C texted. An invite for a party! Mindy's heart raced like crazy. Was she to go? She was not ready to meet C after all these years. However, that spark was still there. But eventually, Mindy texted to turn down the invite. This twist in events left C texting back in a flurry. Mindy took that as a sign to mean C still had a thing for her. So she plucked up all courage that was left within her to date C.

This relationship may not end well. C and Mindy are so torned by this soulmate relationship that transcends both time and space. Largely because it has been something quite foridden till recent years. Two friends who feel a yearning for love and honesty do not always find it easy to come together. Bound by dutiful misgivings, much is to be contended with. As persuasive as it may sound, this baneful allowance is never an easy decision.

Stodgy debates go on end about alternative lifestyles. They have explored and tried things out but somehow they cannot bring themselves to hurt those very dear to them who cannot understand their kind of love.

Perhaps this journey will see the brave taking on transitional roles in this new age? What is the true nature of happiness? Why are there so many who fear stepping forward to admit who they truly are? It cannot be discounted that religious voices stand forcefully against these seemingly lesser-beings who justly have a right to living their lives to the full. If at all, God shall be their judge, let all who follow Him show forth their true love through their actions for His Kingdom. As it has been foretold, what we do is more important...and let those who have never erred be the first to cast stones on the sinner.

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Beautifully and lovingly written

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It is so nice to have another read and comment.
Deeply appreciate this...thank you.

Zany Lynn
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Hi I Melusi,I love it immensely...I adore your style

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Thank you, Melusi. Appreciate this...

Zany Lynn
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