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Acidic rain fell again today on everyone but me and a few thousand, why am I so alone and free and so very damned happy? Why does everyone else have these falling faces like closed down small town businesses?

The secret to their sadness was kept from me at birth and for what it’s worth it’s still beyond me. I was left alone the day the anger and sadness me

teor hit this earth. This special acidic rain fell on everyone except for maybe ten thousand of us but the rest of modern day earthlings were blinded.

 Each day I think I’ll pick all six numbers and win the lottery but then realize, why? Paper doesn’t have any ability not really. But people can bring so much to each other.  I just don’t understand it. Sometimes I think no one knows how lucky we are to be this small, smaller than an atom in relationship to the dark violent universe and yet we have these hearts bigger than our own galaxy sheltering us from almost any storm as long as our hands are held together as one.  If aliens ever land here on earth their first questions are likely to be what is this all about? All these beautiful people and you can’t see each other. Why aren’t you standing together as one? Why are some of you so depressed, why do you wish ill on others, how do you find the time for jealousy, hate, or even indifference. You have maybe the best playground in one hundred universes. How can you pass by this beauty or how can you pass by a beating and not yell at everyone else “Come on- this persons heart is being hurt and needs our help. Open up your heart with your eyes, my God what a wondrous freak chance of nature we developed into this form at a time this planet is also inhabitable. What a unique opportunity, imagine if we never existed and this chance came along suddenly we’d be running through the parks kissing everybody that wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way. Incredibly this is kind of what happened isn’t it. None of us would have made it here if we didn’t have the courage to swim out into an endless sea and do it faster than the other millions of sperms. And until this new generation kissing was the main pass time, then play, then relationships, then love and marriage, and on and on. WAKE UP- WAKE UP, open your real eyes, Jesus Christ with a puppy dog heart, look outside of the varnishes and lacquer coatings you’ve applied to your eyes all these years. All you have to do is imagine yourself under beating fist, wouldn’t you want to have hope in humanity that others would come and help if they only knew you. And we do know you for each of us have the same feeling and dreams inside somewhere. Times don’t change people, not those who believe in good, good people change the times they change the times we live in for their children, wives and parents. Be the generation that says pull up your pants and let’s dance instead of fight. Let’s do this thing our way, let’s show those old codgers how we roll. We out number the bad guys a thousand to one and the next time you’re scared and see injustice occurring step up or step off the planet. You must force yourself and others to become better people. Kindness spreads faster than any diseases know to man. Twenty five years ago no muscle bound man or kid with a gun would dare attempt to harm others for fear of the crowd. The crowd would rush and crush them in the name of what’s always been right. These fathers are now dying and leaving you the keys, if you don’t unlock your fear by the end of the day fear will see the end of civility and change will be too late. You can’t change the world alone I know, but with the help of just a few others neither you nor anybody else can stop the change for better. One person can carry a crowd to the doors of the white house and either snatch the keys from the residents, or stand boldly shoulder to shoulder in defiance of any one who might dare harm our white house and the good people of America. One voice in the wilderness carries along way then it echoes over and over. Raise your voice its not that much to ask, those watching will surprise you as they deny the bad and begin to stand with you and before you know it the bad gather in dark alley’s and turn amongst themselves.  This is truth and has occurred over and over through our societies. This is as much for you as those who will follow.  One day in the very near future you can stand proudly in front of your children and say- Here’s kids, here’s the keys to our country, take care of it- and take care of each other.