I thank you Lord for being in your hands.

I thank you Lord for being part of your plan. 

I am on my own but I'm not alone because it's by your Grace that I can keep my pace.

I know you love me Lord even when times are hard, I know you are by my side and you will always be my guide.

When I don't know what to do I know I can always trust in you. Because by your Grace my life's no longer a waste.

Even when I was strung out on alcohol and drugs you still showed me love, when I felt like the whole world had put me down you brought me back around, you took away my fears and wiped away my tears.

Now I have the strength to go on and finish the race, for you have taken my case, I feel your wonderful embrace and it's by your Heavenly Grace.

Father, I pray that one day I'll see you face to face, through my Lord Jesus Christ and by your Heavenly Grace.