Of what decay of decline must a man climb

For his honor to define such a large loss of grace

Other sons felt heat from devastating defeat

Frozen forever, erasing their battlement retreat

Annealed on the battlefield his back to the sun

Legs carrying him past the honorable ones

In prayers without answers he is overcome

Losing his shine in a frighten moment of time

Flows through one’s own marrow and spine!


His fear had overwhelmed his mirror shine

Thoughts of loved ones, home, and cares

An unforgettable life that suited him so well 

But to go home now surely, they’d all be dead

As boxes of pine align brave words being said

And burnt down suns of younger days

The light leans on leaves on younger graves

If only he’d surrendered to the glorious pine

Or like his father’s watch he could just rewind

Erasing the color of his battlefield spine,


Now his longest life begins each day

On knee under moon, he begs and prays

For forgiveness and courage  

To return to that day

He can never say…I’m sorry I quit

Under the blue moon silhouette

There lies no sun, no shine

Just an unforgettable memory

Encased in the sorrow of shrines

He Learned that dying is not the worst of death

But to live life with a chest full of his

 Brothers spoken breath.