Each day we awaken to a full day. We never know how this day will pan out. Well, at least, not entirely. So you set off. I begin mine with the routines.

Shower. It is a must. Then I get my face ready to meet myself. My reflection awaits me with the joys I have within. I am fulfilled.

I get on my bike and I comb the streets, the wind caressing me. I whizz by nooks and corners and the busy streets. Looks of different folks envelope me. In awe I fancy the many watching eyes on me. I feel mixed waves of feelings around.

I wear this day like a crown. All things done as planned. Quality is not achieved because someone has good intentions. The exams have come and gone. I gave each candidate my standard best. Fulfilled!

Kindred spirits, baring souls. Lined and rich, no fortune can behold. Armed so deep, I gave each breath in gold. My love, my life, my Baby Breath.

Nightfall sneaks up. Day so pale. Yet another day to sail. I am ready. Yes, I am.
Certainly willing, paintbrush in hand. To paint this city with colours, to seal.