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Discretion is the better part of valour foretelling
That forging the brazen impudence of fickle skirmishes
Is the pinnacle which I embody as it inextricably
Intertwined with keeping my wits with me in my daily forays.
Languid annals in hindsight may retort to this with superficial
Rationale of chauvinism deplorable at best which is an indication
Of what befells when none is the wiser and the rueful
Glibs of low-brows profusely puny insinuates itself into the fore.
Whittle out the chaff with the sickle promulgating your own end,
Bewary of venal leeches with daintly shrew-hats nosing`round you;
Meticulously probe their deluge they enunciate with saturnine visages
Proffering nought with clammy obfuscation of lewd jargons.
Apostate is the delinquent of brainwashed sense befuddled
By two dissent ideations akin yet premised on a same plenipotentiary:
I daresay if only they knew there wouldn`t be this scourge.
The decal of valour is an intrinsically inanimate virtue endeared by me.

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