What’s so great about new romances?

Is it the unknown mystery of another?

A tall mountain too high to see the top-

So you climb until you are bone tired

So lethargic you don’t appreciate the view once on top?

It’s like we search each crevice of another’s body,

Every time something new and enjoyable only for a time,

Until the lines of their body runs together like the hours in a day-

We enjoy the cute things they do, until the continuality seeks insanity

At the very thing we once adored.

They speak and in admiration we hang off their words, their goals, their ideals.

Only to turn around and spit venom on these words when the “new smell” has faded and you’re left in day to day monotony, finding solace in jaded arguments.

This generation where everything is split second, where we can get anything we want,

We're unknowingly killing any hope we had for meaningful love-

As our minds grow greedy fat from internet, facebook, special phones, whatever; divorce rates sky rocket, single parents become the norm.?

Our minds are wired for immediate gratification, immediate entertainment.

If our stomach’s ache with hunger, we walk to the fridge,

If we have a migraine we go for the quick release Excedrin.

These thoughts live wickedly in the forms of daydreams,

What we can have and the things we can’t,

And in this society we want the things we cannot have,

For everything else is attainable.

But are we willing to wait for that one bottle of wine to age,

Passing several lesser wine’s with the craving sitting on your tongue??