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out of mere solace we can visually see a thought provoking remedy amidst the calamity
chosen sense the foundation of the world we are dealt with faith to grow on tip toes

one step closer toward heaven everyday we sit in pray amidst the violence in decay
each of us has a gift that we must never dismiss when its sealed with a kiss
shadows my block the vortex on your membrane slowly making you insane
still remember that he is the potter we are merely clay some insist it ought not be that way
yet i see the magic in his eyes does it come at any big enough surprise leaving the lies
life is filled with cheap thrills in its bargain basement deals behind the squeeky wheel

when everyone tends to know everything another door bell rings and the robin sings
freedom isn't free there's a price for you in me it came at the hand of the lord with his son
we have just begun to peak in wisdom as was Solomon's quest for him to digest
therefore gain wisdom and with all thy getting gain understanding
a trip to Dairy Queen getting your soft serve on is very fun and can be kind of cheap
heros flock through the doors of heaven without a second chance by which to repeat
Raise your banners high for the man in the sky who will bring you home with him

Columns of trash line the gymnasium to be picked up after the event yet
we haven't made a single dent to get our own trash out of our lives does this come at a surprise...
each of us must discuss truth with our neighbor without a fuss this is a must
Occupy your time wisely cause it can't ever be repeated once he shuts the door
never stand idle but speak of revival in the hearts of each other no matter what
there is coming a great day that we pray when all doom & gloom will be gone
then we shall all sing of the heavenly song where everyone together will get along
never more will there be divisions amidst the transitions it will be cause to rejoice

when forever we will all live with the savior as we stand together forgiven
only one life is soon to be passed only what's done out of love will  last
no one will get by on any free pass for its a gift from the father above out of his love
there will be much crys being heard as some stand disturbed
take Jesus at his word for this leads to prophecy getting down on your knees
serve him whole heartedly now never to look back on the plow
one is never to yourng you see to preach the truth so naturally
it gives each one of us good cause to believe in the heavenly manifestion of Christ's beauty.