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I will not descend into this mirage of such bright white

Where false pretence pretends to be with bright light

As death consumes a dreamer’s heart in religious code

Truth will carry us into chasms without false chalets of gold

For distinguished in bright light is human’s coldest wet snow

The lie we die for and its passage home


Oh! I too wish a dream of sweet shrouded eternal crème

Crème of clouds loftier than human voice can ever sing

Where spears of diamond lit streams flow off angel lit wings

A home for bones and soul that remains eternally clean

Where no darkness prevails except in the heavens of hell

And in the land of man with this metamorphous tale


Faith will forever cling to the fog of a dream pretend

Sin will appear now and then for a self centered end

What lie awaits in the seam of mans dream eternal

A life stream running into bottoms of soiled urinals

Mirror images of god shatter as the glass of man breaks

To hear no more the words “for heaven sakes” 


The truth of pure life is pure death

Opposite of breathing is out of breath

Overlays of darkness overlay in night

Without Zeus; no faithful way to fight


And so what of this beautiful darkness of peace

Why must we fear what lives in death sleep

The sun warmth taught us what it must

Life was born to grow in the soils of rust

In human patina there dances some dust

The end will always be akin and not a sin to us