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we can think then relax a bit
take a sip or to of coffee until I give my foot a push
nestled in the very fabric of a fresh pile of manure
we stand clueless amidst the onslaught of big corporations & government...
peal back the wax to taste fresh air is it explodes through your nostrils
I was once there but I'm not anymore that was so 1984
so I explode inside as I taste the toast made out of hammer head boar remnants,
why does one equate logical persuasion with that of a mediocre blemish..
on the ass of politicians that drive their brand new Audi
get the best seats in the house as a shimmer like a mouse
businessman come and drink my wine and smoke my herb
the backwash of Trump as he sits in his ivy tower alone & desolate
why do we buy into the lie that says I am what I do
you will do as you are told until the very rights to you are sold
get out my cigarette and take a drag watching phony politicians on the boob tube..
yet this is nothing new its all been done before
a jar of Spam on the thick circumference of barbed wired fences
second glances as the shadow inferiority complex looms
a barrage of protester outside your door while your kicking it out back with a two bit whore
still there's toast we have to eat as an added substance
the morons in society that stimulate jagged pictures of beverages for your delight...
don't you believe in what television or radio says about you its only somebody else's fantasy
a gun man heads to Nevada to take out his frustration on innocent bystanders...
the nut job from Manhattan decided to take a little stroll in a borrowed home depot vehicle taking innocent lives with him
the good shit prick with flames of violence will have an eternal one way ticket with Bubba in cell block number nine..
then we insist that everything is fine a we lastly grasp for straws and wait for newer horizons to approach what a joke.....