Life for the first and only time had meaning 
You destroyed it with your negative weaning 
Are you jovial now that you've brought me down 
equal to your constant perpetual frown? 
Just because you lost what you cherished and loved 
in your bosom of sorrow I must be shoved 
I feel your pain and witnessed it just the same 
Why then must you shoot at me such hateful blame? 
I, too, lost the most important part of me 
Left with a he, I always needed a she 
Why do you thrive with joy from my pain and tears? 
Have I not earned freedom after all these years? 
I do not know exactly how to please you 
Is the answer to be underneath your shoe? 
Though I love you, that is not humane nor right 
You leave me with nothing but the choice of flight 
And no matter what you say, my soul is good 
I have always done what you taught that I should 
You are my rock; I will never let you go 
But I am not jovial; this you must know