Love is like gold; 
difficult to attain and so delicate to hold 
Yet, once it is felt, 
it can never melt 
Through heat and pressure it withstands 
Its ownership on our hearts it brands 
It waits patiently with one goal; 
saving itself for only one special soul 
It shares not itself in the way of a whore, 
but is faithful to the one and only who washes to its shore 
It is always generous and carries no excuses; 
staying true to its words, it never abuses 
Praise and celebration it showers, 
onto the king or queen it empowers 
It seeks out not empty flings, 
but the fulfilling simple things; 
like the child-like spark of vulnerability in one's eyes, 
which twinkles briefly before it quickly shies 
And the quivering lips of a nervous smile, 
along with a precious laugh, which transforms into the face of an angel to beguile 
It crumbles from only one voice, which awakens both pleasure and tearful pain, 
yet, also comforts, much like the soothing drops of rain 
It misses all of these, along with the senses; 
like one's mysteriously sweet smell, which instinctively lowers all logical defenses 
Perhaps it is the rare, conscious scent of pheromones, which radiate so strong, 
like the heat in the rapture of hands intertwined for so long 
It sees your beauty and your niceness within and without 
It judges not and gives you the benefit of the doubt 
It still feels your presence, even when you are not near 
Even if it tries, it is impossible to veer 
There is no vacancy in your place 
Love leaves no room for strangers to replace