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“The Hennenites”

There is a beauty among us

In this the gathering

Multiple scars impaled

Upon each other

Carving up Cajun words

Into the Hennen’s jar

Together we are the sum

Of unknown parts

Fingered minds and body of rhymes

This beautiful gathering

In a beautiful time

We are the planting

The seeds of coming spring

Budding minds

The longing beings

New poets standing in line

Screaming dreams

Spilling freely onto the screen

Birthing words

Filling up carafes

Into chapel glass

Sips and gulps

Spitting and spraying

Onto a neon screen

 Scraps turned into a meal

Thank you for this writers feast

Thank you for this year

We were once concealed

Now we’ve been “Observed”

And this is the beauty among us

The planting of us

Seedlings searching for the sky

Asking questions why?

We grow then old we die

But in the end

A single growing tree

The flowering of leaves

The mirroring of nature free

We were meant to be

The Hennenites