Forgive me, I implore 
I can answer you no more 
Though, your heart I do adore 
for its actions I must abhor 
My attempts to rebuild rapport 
have proven false within their core 
You see, in my gut dwells a sour rancour 
of the memory which still anchors 
in the time you attempted to mentor 
my purity into ruin as is yours 
To your rescue, in time of need, I shall always soar 
but the bond we once shared, you have bruised and outwore 
Civil I shall be, as I cannot bear war 
Your friend, now, however, I cannot be, for I am no whore 
Like attracts like, so your character, I must deplore 
The same sex we share, and blood, yet we are opposites galore 
No person is holy, I am not better, therefore 
But because of my love, the mere thought of you renders me heartsore 
Know that for now, I must swim away from your shore 
But please know, my dear, while I am gone, I will long for your arms, forevermore