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It's Like A Jungle Sometime,
straight to the heart we get a brand new start
Shooting pool down at the bar
Sipping on the Cool Aid watching those honey's
Say you have to act your age
but what do they know
Surfing the web looking for my next fix
Drifting into dreams filled with evil schemes
Loose lips sinks ships take some time to move those hips
We once were young now were old
You will do what you are told until the rights to you are sold
Breaking down on the cement floor
Flirting with my blunt haven't even made a dent
Women will make or break you
The writings on the wall
Standing up straight like ten feet tall
The world is my oyster and I'm still it's shiny pearl
Suffer in silence like pleasure with a boy on girl
Going to reach the top
Grabbing the hips down to the socks
Not sense the days of Scott Larock
Got to write things down
No use hanging your head down to the ground.