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In a galactic dark star park 

Atoms among tiny sparks

Aware of the charging dark

We search the blazing bright

We brush against its beauty

Unaware that it’s our duty

Molecule emitting light



Invent ourselves in dreams

In mighty universal schemes

Cosmic made human beings

Science born to lead our way

God to help share every day

As we attempt to peer

Into an immortal mirror



Inventor of science

Of faith

Of time

Of waste

Inventor of Gods

Of grace

Inventor of a cerebral race



Mate futures from our past

In knowledge we’ve amass

A total of our every sum

A life form not quite done

Where probabilities can fly

Into endless skies of why’s

A quest to make this last 

A quest to finally grasp



 The Impossibilities


The Cast


 Who invented time

 Can never in forever