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Who in need deeds to understand

While inside Heather I AM her man

As mourning melts Cumming snow

We drip our sweet red juicy souls

Hairs entangle in hands of rage

Inside a tight and sultry cage

Nights about to devour dawn

If I were you I’d hold on!



Secrets mash against our kisses

So many appetizing human dishes

Tugs and struggles in low level light

In this lowdown copulating fight

We exist in monk free zones

Where love is best left at home

Where prying and dying coexist

For life has given us the fist

Orgasms in leather belt bit moans

Human mouths with thoroughbred foam

Forced down lips touch kitchen floor tiles

Love’s gone past that last secret mile




This is where I dial up my Heather

Riling up her fancy peacock feathers

Whip and snap of red stain leather

Heather lay naked in hot wet weather

Here all men would comfortably die

In only red panther stripes on her side

As steam makes love to lasting sin

No longer do we need pretend

In our death penalty disease

Out of bounds has been set free




Exhaling sizzles from Satan Nostrils

Dragon fires burn cigarette skin spirals

Tugging on sweat wet soaking hair

Like a little doe under a grizzly bear

She says I hate you and I say you swear!

This makes us burn like roadside flares

Untamed whenever she’s restrained

Holding onto each other’s mane

Staring down each other’s mire

Our next stop Satan’s sex fire




I manipulate my finger dance scene

Pleasure fills her shriveling screams

Large black pupils sync our souls

Spreading her wings heat unfolds

Then pounce like night onto day

The final scene in our final play

Exhausted, molested then exulted

We lye in pools of “we almost lost it”



So if you should ever see

This tilted love

From Heather and me

In red painted hands

Or on yellow seas

Who in need deeds to understand

Heather lye naked in my weathered hands

In Trust lust has found the back door key

We are members of a dying breed

So let Heather and my leather

Snap, crackle and bleed

Let imagination be fearlessly free

Floating upon the Dead Red Seas

Leather, Heather, lips, hips, whips and me

And of course that perfect human emotion

Intrigue without devotion!