The world is ending
The fire rains down
Burning our dreams
Destroying our town
People are screaming
And gasping for breath
Reaching for something
But nothing is left.

Your family will vanish
And your friends disappear
Leaving you hopeless
Enveloped in fear
The angels cry down
To the misguided earth
Stories of vengeance
And worldwide rebirth
I sit in a small room
I too am afraid
From the light of a candle
An image is made
Right now it's too blurry
I can't quite make it out
I'm distracted by screaming
As the Angels still shout:

'Jesus your savior
Is returning today
All born again Christians
Will be taken away
Eternity In heaven
Is what they'll receive
While the rest of you suffer
Wait longer to leave
And it doesn't matter
How much good in your heart
If you don't love Jesus
Afterlife doesn't start
Until satan comes
On his long trail of fire
Taking advantage
Of human desire
He'll take you to hell
A permanent grave
Because you don't love god
Your soul can't be saved
Now you have become
This great devils' slave.'

After this speech
I felt so confused
Scared now more than ever
Still thinking of you
What if I die now
With secrets to tell
The angels said Satan
Would take me to hell
I cannot go on
I feel myself melt
So now I must tell you
How I've always felt

On that first day
When our honesties met
I felt so inspired
And so out of breath
Your soul is of beauty
And your dreams are so real
My mind paints a scene
Of a luminous field
Full of the rejects
That heaven can't fit
That contains both the rooms
Where you and I sit

The violence has ended
In this room I awake
Deciding to give you
My cold heart to take
But how shall I find you
In such luminous fields
When I'm still trapped in darkness
Where the pain is still real

I continue to ponder
With hope in my eyes
Hoping and hoping
You'll follow my cries
Then I decide to
Study this vacant room
The task is made hard
The darkness still looms
all I can see is
A faint candlelight
A once blurry image
Now catches my sight
I wasn't alone
In the darkest of rooms
The once blurry image
Is an image of you
You were always here with me
We both made it through
And now it feels like
I'm  in heaven with you.