I Dialed up my friends and audience,

forming a circle of

Mysticism, Philosophy and Poetry.

I kindled an new light in the furnace of consciousness

and cast my Doctrine.


All who unlocked their mind's doors

had their blindfolds removed.

Individual souls uniting directly with the Universe.

I extinguished the smoldering, dying embers of

enslaved souls and spirits

sparing them from forced imitation;

freeing them from parrots

squawking the “only truth” is contained

within the empty rituals of Nicaean Mythology.

My heir lived, evolved, inhaled, exhaled, broadcast

the Nature of God; within and without at my pond.

Songs of oneself,

of crumbling walls,

slim fellows in the grass,

others drowning,

chasing whales,

or crying out at conformity

slither through generational consciousness -

and we are luminous -

glowing with Divine Unity -



Steve Corn