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I am a woman,
lost in my own world,
Bound and determined,
to not be curled,
In a ball forever,
I will find my way,
to that special lever,
Regardless what they say,
In a tunnel... in the dark,
I shall never fear,
I will continue to lark,
For what im searching is near,
There is no crime,
In waiting for the right time,
Because when i find you,
I know my life will change,
When u see me i'll be black and blue,
But then a new chapter... a new page,
I will hide the bruises... and the scars,
beneathe your provide wings,
I will no longer be behind bars,
but enjoying what happiness brings,
When i find exactly what what i looking for,
I will close that dreadful door,
of misery and sorrow,
Just to know that tomorrow,
You will hold in your hand,
The life i already planned,
I have come so very far,
to get to where you are,
Now that we have each other,
Its time you meet my mother,
she will scream and holler,
When you meet my brother,
you will want to commit murder,
And then here comes my father,
who never had a daughter!