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The Metronome of

my mind

Newton and Thoreau.

Click clack

predictable and friendly,

my mind tuned to find the

beat, a soft comfort.

few others can feel the rhythm -

the music -

playing in my mind.



Beats with notes more frenzied.

Plato and his cave

darkness is all most know

they fear to peek

into the light.

Christ taught love-

direct communion with the divine

Buddha taught an eightfold path.

Abraham would have killed his Son,

Jehovah did.

Proverbs of Confucius echo

into Judah and out.

Freud and Jung

Here and beyond

grounded or interconnected

Campbell and his

hero of a thousand races.


The metronome is barely visible

a blur of light – rhythm - thoughts - Sounds

Ozzy trippin

Green Day Bitchin

The Beatles exploring

Roarke , the Hero of Individualisim

Einstein and Hubble

Skopes, the Monkey

Patton and Ghandi

Little Rock High, School - Brown vs

Hank Williams Jr. and Lynyrd Skynard

then the metronome tunes to the

Sacred Ohm -Time out of time.


A lyric pen guided by the

Muses in chorus

fuse Physics and Art -

proclaiming their gift - your passage.

Wiping away the the veil of spiderwebs,

easily removed - not an obstacle – fearing not.

Stepping boldly through the darkness

into an epiphany of Beauty and Knowledge

into the Presence of

The One




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