The alley stank of overflowing god knows what

I was in a hurry to do absolutely nothing fast

Sometimes you just get that urge to do something




with anyone who may stumble into your path

I paused to peer up at Orion's belt in the sky

I'm not sure why, it's not like I'm a fan of his

As I gazed, a low-flying 747 blared overhead

It took almost a full minute, but soon I was

feeling instantly alive

with the residual breeze as if a dragon batted

its immense wings

against my wandering frame, causing stillness

The gust of air played like a cherished melody

upon my clothes, face, and hair in the night

I wanted that plane to turn around

I wanted that plane to land in the alley

I wanted that plane to scoop me up, up, and away

I wanted that plane to be the des ex machina that

can save any shiftless third act life from all the

weak willed choices, hair-pin turns, plot holes,  

and directionless late night alley roaming

that haunt this tortured scribbler

I wanted that plane to bring me to you

But you missed the plane entirely

because you're afraid to let go

of whatever is attached to

childhood's lost kite