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We - Individual Human Beings
would ever see deeper than 
Van Gogh.
Galileo could only wonder,
now we wander
viewing God thru his child.

Nebulae that formed our elements, 
the carbon and oxygen cells that we are.
Molecules building
the Body - the Mind - the stomach 
the pregnancy;
of The Universe.

Earth now sentient.
The human collective mind
is engaged.

Our DNA evolving into
more than base instinct.
Memories of eons, epochs,
stored away as knowledge
that was observed
learned first hand –
on the stove.

The Muses and Mechanics rule this world;
the physics of Newton
and the Visions of Monet. 

Written records organized by Aristotle:
philosophy, religion, morals
jump each synapse -
firing across nations -
languages, cultures, religions, traditions,
Wisdom Beginning...

A seine separates the final two.

The will of others,
the the need for acceptance allow
worker bees, kings and queens
to survive .

Mnemosyne kneels,
panning out 
Gold Nuggets -
New Truths -
adding to the treasure
Earth has been collecting,
four billion years.

The DNA of God is reproducing here
inside us.
Infinite vastness
within and without.
Our body a cell here in 
our Universal Body.

Seeing our brothers and sisters
once only visions, confirmed 
Beauty beyond the grasp 
of all but this generation
and the ones to come .

Viewing The Infinite 
growing exponentially expanding -
Mind, Body, Soul of the Divinity.
I imagine the infinite faces. .. 

Humankind can now see
our birth through Hubble.
14 billion years of
morphing into organs, neurons 
The Life Blood – our Spirits circulating 
nourishing God on rich milk -
Feeding our Future.

our journey - just barely begun,
a tiny cork floating, 
into … 
A Starry Night




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