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We are the cold blue edges of diamond cut currents

In reflective oceans of elegance with sacrificial lite

We choose you the under current maiden

To spear light in the heart of our fight

Thus cut us under your drowning breath

Succumbing to cold soaking numbness

We hold you closest in aquatic respect

Life cannot float on untied Navy knots

When sinking becomes thy host and final friend

In deep waves of Cold Ocean thy love shall defend

Of Neptune’s nation where we are falling

We the chosen of a bravest fighting calling

Oh but when even one heart drowns

Then is when we are made of clay

In shape of great water and skin

And thus we must not ever pretend

We alone are the greatest warrior

In oceans of war where we alone descend

A life with tone dedicated to the sea

In battlement of home of the free

With dolphin eagles we soar

The sea bees

One less than before


       The Prayer

Hail thee blue nation

Hail thee blue seal

Above and below all oceans

Devotion with piercing skill


Dan Van Fleet

Nov. 2012

An Earned Tribute