The best things in life are asymmetrical

They are curved and covered with beautiful flaws


life doesn’t give itself in perfect boxes

smooth and white

everything in rows, accounted for


the real world is wild, undulating

growing into odd shapes and bursting forth



it’s the crooks that form between locked hands

waves and snowflakes

the jagged lines on a belly that has birthed children

a half smile or quarter moon


the rough edges of nature

swaying boughs and broken limbs

brilliant chaos


it’s not organized

it doesn’t come with an easy set-up manual

you can’t just unplug or restart

despite our attempts to categorize

to tidy up

to sanitize and remove all the danger

and unpredictability


we may approach this in fear at first

our flat world is safer, neater, more controlled

but we’ll die there locked in square coffins


the best things in life are not symmetrical

they can’t be boxed


they are rounded and covered with beautiful flaws